How to choose a title

  • Since choosing a title is not a simple operation, it's good to do it in two ways: have a version prior to writing the text (provided the author of the release has a clear picture on the essential ideas) and a final form at the end of the writing, when the effort of synthesis was made and important ideas can be better understood. recommends to not try to copy the style of some journalists or the style of the creative message makers: bypass the sensational, word games, eloquent tone, humoral effects, exceptionalism. Do not forget to write a news inside the organization, about your colleagues, in order to attract public opinion attention to the organization which you represent. It does not mean that you have to hide the truth and not have toadvertise it, but just that, in relation to journalists, you do not have the same communication goals and do not share the same vision on the effectiveness of a text.


    Usually, it is recommended that the text of the communiqué should not be larger than one page. There are cases when a wider presentation with more information is needed that makes the text look like it stretches on two to three pages.