The Warriors are shooting 52 percent from the NBA Live Coins

  • The Warriors are shooting 52 percent from the NBA Live Coins floor and 43 percent from behind the three-point line as a team.The lowest points total in those 11 games is 104, and the highest is 149, done last Wednesday in regulation.The team has a 74.1 percent assist ratio in these 11 games. For the year, the team’s starting five has 147 assists on 181 made baskets. No team besides them is assisting on more than 64 percent of its baskets this season.


    This is what we all knew was coming, but it’s still terrifying now that it’s actually here. The best offensive team added arguably the best offensive player, and now they’re both even better. You might have expected for Durant’s stats to dip, but they haven’t really done so. In fact, he’s better than he ever has been.


    Kevin Durant is averaging 27.2 PPG with an effective FG percentage of
    63.8. That would be the highest in league history for a 25 PPG scorer.— Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) November 28, 2016One stat we mentioned earlier is important — a 74.1 percent assist ratio, by far the best in the league. Three-fourths of every shot the Warriors make comes within a few seconds of a pass.


     Curry is still shooting ridiculous threes after bringing the Buy NBA Live Coins ball up the floor against lazy defense, and Durant is still finding time for isolations in the high post. But mostly, it’s just players finding each other for open shots, or situations that can quickly be turned into open shots.In turn, you might naturally expect the Warriors pass the most. That’s not true — they average just under 310 passes per game, 11th-best in the NBA,