Jay - Cutler said the dolphin did not look so bad

  • For Jay Cutler, a quarterback of Miami Dolphins, it does not matter how to score in the game is a very bad question.
    But when people point out that the dolphin attack team has plagued this year, Cutler says: "This is an incomplete comment."
    With the loss of 0 to 20 lost to Madden 18 Coins the New Orleans saints, dolphins record 1 wins and 2 losses, but their scoring, averaging the number of yards, each attack forward code and third gear conversion rate is the lowest in the league. They finished just three matches in three games.
    Cutler said it all did not look so bad, "it all looked like all the walls were collapsed, we looked so bad that the team was completely hopeless, but we were so close that we were on the right way As long as we can solve some minor problems, our offense will become very competitive.
    Cutler admits that he is part of the problem, he is hesitant in his pocket, in the face of pressure when the pace of the problem, resulting in a bad pass performance, the current cardler League quarterback score 25 low. He was accused of acting as an insignificant man at the time of the attack, while he was not very strong at the time of the ball.
    Finally, Cutler smiled and said, "These things they told me what I should do, sit there, do not be hit, do not touch anyone, do not move, and I feel like I've done it all."