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  • DM , how much did you pay for this article? Wholesale Sexy Corset Because I (or almost anyone else commenting here) could have written a much more lucid and informative piece than this little infomercial. Princess Diana is mentioned as a value-added bit of clickbait, I suppose.018Click to rateGretchen Alexander, New Orleans, United States, 2 weeks agoShe gives no reason WHY not to put on a bra that way. I have done it that way and no problems. Why create more work by reaching behind and trying to hook the hooks? Ridiculous!

    Having put Corset Manufacturer China my bra on this way for nigh on 60 years, I'm not about to change now. Especially not when told it's wrong (but not why!) by some pretentious woman who sells stuff we mere mortals can't afford. About the only thing on which I do agree with her is having lots of bras. I have over 20 of various colours and styles. I first started to behave like a kid in a sweetshop with them when I discovered, after years of being restricted to Doreen, (ladies of a certain age will remember those days) that even we ladies with more than our fair share up top had a much wider range to choose from.351Click to rateDenny, London, United Kingdom,

    When you get much older and less flexible lingerie China it is not possible to force your arms up your back to tie up the straps. As for putting it on around your waist, that will only work if you are pear shaped not appled shaped. I always front and twist. I used lashing of moisturiser under my boobs first to ease the back strap movement as it slides round and stop any friction or tensio that can stretch the materials. It's the only way or I go bra-less and bruise my knees.