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    Don’t wait more. Step into online to get wonderful pair of branded shoes at affordable price rates. In 2002 Nike took their brand in another line, and that was Skate-Boarding (SB). So in this way Nike Dunk SB Shoes came in scenario. Other skaters disliked this idea because they did not want a corporate company to take over their sport. So what would make the line sell? The Nike SB line rode on the back of the Nike Dunk SB. At first the line had plain colors, like the Lodens, Gino 1, adidas gazelle womens Paul Brown Highs, and wheat lows, but with a zoom air insole, stuff tongue and extra padding, that alone sold well. The Nike Air Force shoes debut in 1982, and even though this shoe is made for basketball, it is more of a shoe for - STYLE. In 1982 when Nike Air Force shoes first released, the Nike Air Force 1 shoe was the first model to have Nike Air technology. In the 1980 the Nike AF1 was popular like they are till this day. Nike Air Force 1 shoe was named after the Air Force One plane that the President of the United States flies in. In the early 1990 the Nike Air Force shoes lost some popularity, but in the later 1990 and 2000 the AF1 made a come back.